Tips to keep your Kidney Healthy in times of Covid-19.

We all have heard people emphasising the importance of healthy kidneys. But why are they so important? Does it have any correlation with covid 19?

Kidneys, being the most important organ in our body, comprise millions of filtering units called nephrons. It performs many important functions to keep our bodies healthy.

According to the research, Covid being a respiratory illness can still affect our kidneys. It is said that healthy adults with no underlying medical condition have developed Acute Kidney Injury (sudden loss of kidney function)after contracting Covid-19.

Covid can worsen the symptoms of people with existing kidney disease. Since covid is a new virus, the research on the above factor is still going on.

Regardless of a direct correlation between kidneys and covid, it is still crucial to look after our kidneys and take early precautions. Since kidneys comprise of important functions such as :

-Flushes out waste and excess water through urine.

-Makes about half a cup of blood every minute. Now that’s more than your coffee intake.

-Produces red blood cells and controls your blood pressure.

-Produces hormones to keep your bones healthy.

Here are 5 tips to keep this amazing organ happy:

1. Hydrate yourself: Your fluid intake can differ based on different factors, such as climate change, health issues, physical activity.Every individual must intake at least 6-8 glasses of water, i.e. around 1.5-2 litres every day.
Advised intake of fluid can help your kidney flush out toxins properly. But remember to not overdo it. Anything consumed in excess does more harm than help.

If you are someone with a kidney condition, consult your doctor for appropriate fluid intake.

2. Focus on healthy eating: Eating healthy can manage your weight, blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes and many other diseases.Keep an eye out for your sodium intake. Recommended sodium intake is 5-6 grams per individual.

Pandemic has been a crucial time for everyone.

People are more likely to binge on junk food and increase their alcohol intake to cope up with the surroundings. Remember indulging is not bad, overdoing is!

3. Exercise: Along with a good diet, movement of the body is important too. Exercising is amazing and can do wonders for your health.  But it’s important to listen to your body before and whilst performing any physical activity.

Especially if you are someone with a condition, consult your doctor before performing any physical activity.

4.Quit smoking: Without proper blood flow to the kidneys, they can’t function at their optimal level. Smoking destroys the blood vessels which carry blood to the kidney.

Smoking can also increase your chances of getting kidney cancer by 50%.

5. Avoid taking too many OTC pills: OTC is an over-the-counter drug medicine that can be sold to individuals without any prescription from the doctor.

Examples are : 

  • Ibuprofen
  • Aspirin
  • Tylenol
  • Ointments

And many such medications.

Consuming them occasionally can be approved. OTC, if taken regularly, can degrade the function of the kidneys. Before taking any medicines regularly, consult your doctor and look for an alternative to relieve your pain.

The above tips will help you with optimal kidney function. If you notice any signs of pain immediately consult your doctor. In these uncertain times, let’s focus on choices that better our health!