Dr.Sunil Kumar Kilari is very good he will explain the disease very clearly. The dialysis and staff are very very good.
Manikanta G
A Verified Patient
I will never forget the doctor who always smiles in the hospital room when I was admitted for an operation . Your bright aura brings so much joy and inner healing... Thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my operation. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession .You are truly a life saver. Thank you, again sir with loads of love and respect @Dr. SUNIL KUMAR KILARI
Pranav Kumar Goud
A Verified Patient
Motivation and positive attitude are the two most important medicines any doctor can prescribe. Thanks for doing that perfectly doctor.
Lavanya Katuri
A Verified Patient
It was great Hospital ... While we are entered into the hospital the management response is out standing and completely responsible shows to the patient. Dr.Sunil Kumar was very friendly and answered all questions very calmly.
Venkateshwarlu Lavudiya
A Verified Patient
Dr.K.Sunilkumar garu is very appriciatable and staff are good.
Shaik Nazilafirdos
A Verified Patient
I visited Sri Lakshmi super specialty hospital for my kidney related issues and met Dr.Sunil Kumar garu, his treatment is very good and I am satisfied with the results.
Sutari Prasad
A Veriefied Patient
Dr. Sunil Kumar kilari garu does an excellent dialysis for Kidney related disease. He explains about Kidney stones and Kidney infections very patiently. He is an excellent doctor.👏👏
Nagaraju M
A Verified Patient