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Dr. Sunil Kumar Kilari has been in the field of Nephrology for more than 15 years now with exceptional knowledge and stellar experience that have developed remarkably over time. Having treated more than 5000 patients and still counting, his services in this field have been mammoth. The observed in-depth understanding and skills are mainly due to the work involvement in Nephrology and as a Nephrologist.

Work Experiences:

  • Been an Assistant Professor at the Nephrology department of Christian Medical College, Vellore from September 2006 to April 2007.
  • Also, worked as an Associate Professor under the same Nephrology department at NRI Medical College, Guntur from April 2007 to July 2015.
  • Later, joined as a Consultant Nephrologist, at Sri Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Guntur between March 2009 to May 2015.
  • Currently, contributing as a Senior Consultant Nephrologist, at Sri Lakshmi Super Speciality Hospital, Guntur.




The lives of many patients have changed for the better chiefly because of the abundant experience and remarkable skills. His specialization and expertise have helped cure thousands of people with complex kidney-related issues. 

Major skills include:

  • Renal Transplantation: Experienced in both live and deceased Kidney transplantation including the pre-transplant evaluation and post-transplantation care.
  • Hemodialysis: Experienced in Maintenance Hemodialysis, SLED, CRRT, and various vascular access problems.
  • Renal Biopsy: Skilled in performing Percutaneous Renal Biopsy in both native and transplant kidneys.
  • Peritoneal Dialysis: Experience in both Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Acute Peritoneal Dialysis. 


Areas of Clinical and Research Interest :

Has always been interested in carrying out further researches and learning several new things in order to improve the comprehension of Nephrology. This is mainly to enhance, existing expertise and help treat the patients better with a lot more competence. There are a few areas that are specifically focused on for research.

These specializations include:

  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Electrolyte and acid-base disorders
  • Renal Transplantation